Find, break-in and deploy capital in LMM fund returners.

We built Acqwired from the ground up to help you prioritize, break into and build high quality relationships with your top prospects, and crush your annual capital deployment goals. We designed it for PE, Growth Equity and VC partners who demand superior direct sourcing performance.

30+Years of Experience
75+Deals Closed
20+Organisations Acquired
$14B+Worth of Deals Closed

Prioritize & Engage the Right Prospect

Brilliant, Effective & Unstoppable

Acqwired comes with advanced features that make your direct sourcing engine feel unstoppable. Proprietary data inputs. AI prospect prioritization. Existing CRM-integrations. Immediately actionable break-in and relationship nurturing best practices baked-in.

Acqwired’s proprietary sourcing software and services wire your firm to proactively source and close transformative platforms & addons.

1-Click Alternative Data Ingestion

We all want more data, but integrating it into your CRM and making it usable is a pain. Acqwired makes alt-data integration easier than 1, 2… oh wait, it’s done.

Customizable Scoring Recipes

The way you source is your superpower. Our scoring platforms helps you easily elevate new top prospects that fit your needs, so you can focus your time and energy on nurturing and closing them, not manually updating complex scoring algorithms.

Data Marketplace

Ingest the Right Data

Need more data but not sure where to start? Acqwired bring raw ingredients to the table, ready to plug into your next platform or add-ons search. Quickly and easily build your proprietary fishing pond, unique and customized for your sourcing team. Easily ingest the internal & external datapoints to the platform investment theme, or portfolio-company M&A priorities to meet your specific needs.

Prioritization Engine

Never Miss Hidden Gems

You’re doing your best to cover your markets, but with a database of 10,000-100,000 companies or more to track (and new ones popping up daily), who is watching your back for those hidden gems buried in your CRM and elevating that Founder you spoke with 2 years ago who was too small, but has been growing like a rocketship the last 3 years? We’re here to be your partner-in-crime, your sourcing operations team, and your number crunching data analyst so you never miss another deal in your database.

Engagement Catalyst Marketplace

Close that Top Prospect

The best deals are the hardest to break through to and nurture relationships with. Cut through the noise with 1-of-a-kind engagement tactics and artificially intelligent engagement ideas. We’ve baked decades of experience and lessons learned (plus plenty of scar tissue) sourcing billions in TEV acquired into building our intelligent proprietary sourcing catalyst marketplace. Close more of the right deals. Generate that next-level MOI & IRR.

These are the tools I wish I’d had sourcing high-growth B2B recurring revenue businesses over the last decade.

Dan Herr

CEO, Acqwired

Brilliant Tech. Amazing People

Management Team

Founder & CEODan Herr
Co-Founder & CTOIrfan Durmus